Galen Trezise
For the past several years Galen Trezise has been exploring visual healing processes through art. This practice is an exploration and engagement of self-healing as well as a quest to conceptualize invisible transformative forces both of the inner and outer worlds.

Galen is fascinated by molecular, cellular and celestial bodies, how they coexist and intermingle energies, merging to create exploding light, stars, flowers, birds, all of creation, even viruses. The human body exquisitely and perfectly reflects the scale of the cosmos. Exploring the concept of the universe within and without, he abstract and deconstruct antibody and antigen-like representations in a dance of confrontation.

Galen's current drawings and collages depict amalgamated diagrams of anatomy/physiology, outer space, and geometric forms all floating in infinite space. The end result is reflective of this macro-micro reality existing as a galaxy filled with light formations or within the interstitial fluids of a body.